Monday, November 8, 2010

Update November 8, 2010

Good Morning all! As of this morning There have been over 2400 views of the trailer. Thank all of you who watched and commented. Speaking of comments here are some of the popular ones:

Q: Great show! What date, time, and channel is this on?
A: we are currently shopping networks as we speak. Please follow are progress right here at

Q: Will you feature any Fox bodies?
A: If it is Mustang we will.

Q: Is this going to be on TV or the web?
A: We are shopping for a TV network.

Although we are very interested in doing a weekly 1/2 hour TV show, we may entertain a webcast. What would you prefer? Why?


  1. A web cast would be great, I live in the mountians in Montana and only have local channels most of our other programs come off of the net

  2. weekly 30 min show + webcast for sure.

    I cant WAIT to see this at some point. pure awesome.

    if you need a 67 coupe for a resto project for a few episodes, Ive got one that Im doing a terlingua clone with a stroker 385 series and t56 in :D

  3. Yes, a web cast would be great, as I only have basic cable.

    FEP member

  4. Wonderful, As a proud owner of a 1969 Mach 1 I can't wait to see the show. This is America's car for sure.